The Best Command & Control Centre


It is not about the technology, it is how you present, analyze and utilize information.

What determines a good command and control centre? How it is formed and what is its purpose? Should it be an area of integrated intelligence or is it just for information sharing?

Today’s communications landscape has changed significantly. Immediate messaging and alerts are prevalent and expected with the advent of smartphone technology. Increasing availability and adoption of IoT devices offering real time monitoring and asset tracking capability are reaching affordability at mass scales.  With these advances, command centre need to be adaptive, flexible, reliable, secure, and able to handle multiple sources of information inputs (videos, statistics, analytics, etc.) but most importantly, a centre that can offer efficient real time decision making and communication.

Types and Configurations

Communication is key for any command and control centre. As its name suggested, a command centre exists for the main purpose of control by gaining, maintaining situational awareness and coordinating resources and responses to effectively addresses the orgnizational and operational needs. Understanding the different types of command centres and configure them to fit the needs is essential and crucial for the success of any command centre deployment – one size does not fit all situations, customization is a must.

What ORION5 Team can do for you
Defining your CONOPS (Concept of Operations)
 – We will work with you to define your Concept of Operations incorporating all stakeholders, processes, organization objective and desired outcomes. We will provide guidance in helping you to determining your Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How (5W1H) for existing and new plan. Identifying the appropriate indicators and their relevancies, develop operational procedures and criteria are crucial in shaping your command centre deployment and operational successes.

Customizing and Designing Your Intelligent Command Centre

An Intelligent Command Centre needs to be designed and customized to fit the organizational needs and better support operational efficiency and for crisis management. We will assist you in determine the most appropriate  design and structure for your command centre.  By appreciating the paradigms shift from traditional command and control structures to a more adaptive, flexible and cost effective setup, virtual centers setup are now possible depending on the operational environment.

Project Management / Process Management

Our team will work with you the Command Centre deployment project to design and define the appropriate roles, command structure, information flows, needs and criteria to formulate  an effective coordination, collaboration, and information sharing process necessary for optimal operational effectiveness.

Standards and Guidelines
Standards and guidelines define expectations and form the foundation for how staff is to be trained and what they are expected to be delivering during various situations. Our team will help you establish standards and guidelines that will shape the design, function, and operational effectiveness of the command center.

Making Your Command Center Work
Designing an appropriate command and control centre involves intensive information gathering, discussion and planning. It entails capital investment, and requires all stakeholders to buy into the concept, purpose and outcome in order to make it successful. Only through proper preparation, planning, messaging and communication can the command centre strategy be effectively accomplished. Developing a proactive, predictive, and responsive team with the right tools and facilities is the prerequisites for a successful command and control centre deployment.

Our consultants will assist you in determine the most appropriate and cost effective technology, assist you with the procurement and hand hold you through the deployment journey, ensuring the solution is ready for immediate use and sustainable for future needs and demands.

We will work with you to determine and derive the necessary return-on-investment and intrinsic values that a command centre will add to your organization and its operation. The team at Orion5 take pride to be able to assist organizations in implementing their ideal command centres – a center of information and analytics with communication and intelligence tools that help them create sustainable competitive advantage to meet increasing demanding landscape and customers expectation.