Live Streaming Body Worn Camera System

Body Worn Camera Intro 3

Orion Five pioneered the first commercial deployment and usage of live streaming body worn camera system in South East Asia in January 2016.

Instead of recording the video on the body worn camera unit like many current body worn camera  solutions, Orion Five’s Body Worn Camera solution enable command centre and supervisors to monitor, communicate and supervise field service teams in real time in the command centre or while on the go on mobile devices such as phones or tablets.  Providing complete flexibility for orgnisation to now monitor, guard and provide real time supervision and guidance in any part of the world.

Whether it is for deployment in the security, pest controls, cleaning services or construction industry, today, Orion Five Body Worn Camera solutions have yielded multiple-folds in returns for organisations that had deployed. Not only they are now able to effectively supervise the jobs, tremendous saving  in time, money and  productivity.  A  minimum productivity gain of over 35% is observed with at least 50% improvement in customer satisfaction.