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SMP Robots


Orion Five Engineering is the strategic implementation partner in Singapore for SMP Robotics on its suite of autonomous outdoor security robots and special purpose UGV (unmanned ground vehicles).

SMP Robotics develops and provides light unmanned ground vehicles UGV designed for all-season driving in designated outdoor areas. Rover S5 performs multiple trips over mapped routes, unattended. Its autonomous motion control and navigation system is guided
by machine vision, performing pin-point video data analysis, which
allows the vehicle to select and navigate routes, avoid obstacles,
stay on course and repeat the
job cycle multiple times.

Key Features:

  • Autonomous follows the route in patrol modeSMP Hazmat
  • Automatic obstacle avoidance
  • Stops in position ideal for video surveillance
  • Robots location and video from cameras transferred to command center and guards tablet PC.
  • Panoramic video surveillance and motion detection
  • Automatic target acquisition and tracking with PTZ camera
  • Remote video surveillance on a tablet computer, built-in DVR
  • Change of surveillance positions without the needs for operator assistance
  • Automatic battery charging or return to base when batteries discharged
  • Cruising range without recharging – 29 kilometers
  • All weather, day-and-night autonomous operation
  • Low-noise electric drive system with no environmental pollution
  • Autonomously passing pedestrians, cars and other robots
  • Elements of artificial intelligence

Our UGV robots’ guidance system are designed for both on-and off- road operations. This autonomous navigation control system performs well even under no GPS signal conditions providing assurance in route integrity.

The navigation control system uses computer vision technology with a network of imaging devices comprised of three video devices, each designed to perform a specific integrated function.

The first system includes Stereo Vision Camera that detects obstacles and allows the robot to correct the course. Stereo Vision Camera creates real time 3D disparity map, which builds a dynamic 3D environment at a distance of a several meters ahead of the vehicle.

The second system consists of single road detection camera that provides the exact path image for the autopilot and keeps the robot on the route.

The third system provides autonomous off-road navigation by using computer vision. It’s based on the visual odometer system for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping – SLAM. This system employs embedded Real- Time Image Processing to adjust (filter) incoming data, using data received from the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).

SMP Robotics autonomous navigation system enables the robot to determine its location on the map with an accuracy superior that of GPS, and remains fully operational under a roof or in a hangar.

Unlike the expensive LIDARs used by other manufacturers’ models, our outdoor robotic navigation system is a low-cost, highly effective solution, ideally suited for mass production.

When operating at UGV’s maximum speed, our navigation system uses the processing capacity of its built-in video data-analyzing computer in guarantee safe UGV daylight travel at speeds as high as 20 kph (12.5 mph).



Ranges of SMP Security Robots:

S5 Security                     S5HD Security             S5 PTZ Security


Ranges of SMP Enhanced Special Purpose Robots:

  SMP S3 (Thermal)SMP S4 (Bird)SMP S5s (Solar)SMP S5GD (multi gas)SMP S5 ALPR (licence plate)

SMP A6OMD (underground gas)SMP S6 (Gas leak)SMP S7 (Telepresence)SMP S8 (Mosquito)SMP S9 (Propane Gas)

For further details about our security robots, please go to SMP Robotics

SMP security robots are now available in Singapore on an Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) with comprehensive onsite support and maintenance (batteries included!).


SMP S5 Rover Brochure