Vehicles and Assets Tracking

Vehicle Track Intro 2

Orion Five works closely with our customer to design, select and deploy the most cost effective solution to tack vehicles and moving assets (eg. trailers).  We offer a complete turn-key end-to-end suite of tracking solution for your supply chain management needs with Fleet Manager and Workforce Manager.

Each organization has its own unique requirements and constraints, we will work closely with your operational team to ensure the needs and requirements are met. From GPS trackers selection and  installation to operation staff training, we will handhold you at each step until successful deployment.

We don’t just sell the products or services, we partner with you to ensure the best and most cost effective solutions are deployed for you, ensuring maximum cost effectiveness and productivity gain through consultancy and advisory on operational redesign and user training.

Our solution will enable you to:

  • Manage and track all your vehicles in real-time.
  • Optimise vehicle usage and fuel management.
  • Monitor and effective routes planning.
  • Scheduling and deployment of the most appropriate resource to ad-hoc incidents.

Orion Five is the authorised distributor for leading international GPS trackers and digital telematics  devices from Digital Matter.  With over 500,000 devices shipped worldwide, our devices and platform have been proven to be both reliable and cost effective.

With branded state of the art components and BMW certified voltage protection, our hardware have achieved over 99% reliability.

Engineered to the highest specification, the extensive range of devices incorporate best quality components from the world’s leading manufacturers with cutting-edge design enhancements to maximise reliability and data integrity.

The entire range is seamlessly integrated with our bespoke device management platform and customer facing web-based tracking platform which is fully mobile responsive and re-brand-able.

What makes us different?

Innovative Range
An extensive range of cutting-edge devices and fully integrated web-based software solutions that will suite any application or environment.

Integrated Software platform
No more time and effort wasted integrating devices and software. Simply plug and play!

Reliability & Quality
uncompromising quality of design, components, engineering, materials and workmanship means uncompromised reliability.

Agile and Flexible
Ready, willing and able to develop custom telematic solutions for specific requirements.

Sector Solutions
Ready-made telematic solutions for a range of industries and sectors, from fleet to nautical, refrigeration, static assets, agriculture and beyond.